Attaching the sleeves


After attaching the collar in our last post, it is time now to attach the sleeves to our shirt. We will be using bias binding so the final garment will look very professional. Let´s start sewing!



First of all, we need to sew the side seams of the shirt. Line up the front and back bodice pieces, right sides together and aligning the edges. Secure with pins, or baste and sew (backstitch at the beginning and at the end of the seam).

Press seam allowances flat, then open and finally, finish the seams using a zig zag stitch or your overlocker.



First of all we need to interface (without seam allowance included) 2 of the 4 pieces that form our sleeves. These two interfaced pieces will be the upper sleeve pieces.

Pin under sleeve to upper sleeve, right sides together and the edges aligned. Secure with pins (or baste). Stitch along the outer edge using a 1cm seam allowance (backstitch at both ends). Ensure only the armhole section remains open.


Trim seam allowances to 5mm. Clip around the edge of the curves, if necessary. Before turning it out, press the seams open if it is possible.


Turn the sleeves right side out and press flat. Topstitch along the edge (2-3mm from the edge).


Do the exact same thing with the other sleeve.



Once we have prepared the sleeves, it is time to attach them to the shirt. Place the sleeve on the right side of the bodice, aligning the edges and making the notches match. Secure with pins and baste.



Join the bias binding edges once you reach the side seam, opening the bias folded edges. Sew using 1cm seam allowances, joining the bodice, the sleeve and the bias binding. Press seams open.



Fold the bias twice to the inside of the garment, covering the seam line. Secure with pins and baste. Press gently before sewing. Topstitch close to the bias binding edge, parallel to the armhole edge.


Press again to have the perfect finish.


Do the exact same steps for the other sleeve.

And that´s it! Just a few steps left to finish our Salt and Pepper shirt. In the next post, we sew button holes, buttons, and the hem. Leave us any comment or questions down below. See you!


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