Attaching the yoke


After sewing the darts and preparing the plackets, it is time to start sewing the most interesting part of this Sew Along, the yoke with the gap, are you guys ready? Then let´s start sewing!



From the Cutting and Staystitching post, we stabilized the upper edge of the back piece using a 1cm strip of fusible interface to avoid distortion and add strength.

Now, we attach the bias binding. Align the bias binding (3cm width) with the edge of our back piece, right sides together and go beyond the marks we previously did to delimitate the yoke.

Secure with pins and sew using 1cm seam allowance. Once the bias is sewn, fold it upwards towards the seam allowance and press. Fold it over the edge of the garment again and press.

Fold it once more so it covers the bias remaining and the seam, so everything is covered and secure on the wrong side of the shirt. Press gently and secure with pins (or baste). Topstitch on the edge of the bias.



Now we attach the yoke pieces. Let´s start attaching the outer yoke piece to the right side of the back piece. The inner yoke piece will have its right side to the wrong side of the back piece, so we make a sandwich with the back shirt piece. Be aware of the nothces, to make them match perfectly! Secure with pins, baste and sew.





Press the seams open and then, press the yoke pieces upwards.

Baste both pieces together and then, topstitch 2mm from the edge. Take care to avoid any creases or tucks.

Do the same with the other side.



Time to attach the front pattern pieces to the yoke. Right sides together, join the yoke with each of the front shirt pieces. Secure with pins and stitch with 1cm seam allowance.

Press the seam we just did towards the wrong side of the yoke. Fold the edges of the inner yoke pieces by 1cm towards its wrong side.

Take the folded edge toward the front piece until you cover the seam. It´s very important to press without tucks or creases. Secure with pins and baste.

Once is basted, press again to secure and topstitch 2mm from the edge to join all the pieces together.

And that´s it! The yoke is ready! If you have any question or doubt, leave us a comment down below and we will be more than please to help you! See you in the next post in which we will attach the collar. See you!


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