Darts and plackets


In our last post, we cut and staystitch all the pattern pieces and today it is time to start sewing! Let´s start by sewing the two front darts and then, we will prepare the plackets of the Salt and Pepper shirt.


Right sides together, align the dart seamline on the fron bodice. Secure with pins and baste.

Stitch making a backstitch to secure at the begining of the dart. At the end of the dart (at the apex) leave long threads, do not backstitch at this opint, and secure the threads by tying a pair of knots. Thread a needle and make a stitch in the seamline to hide the threads. MAke another pair of knots to secure and cut.

Fold down and press the dart.

Do the exact same thing with the other dart.


The placket is an extension of the bodice, forming by folding it over itself and once it is folded, it will be 2.5cm wide.

Let´s start applying an interfacing piece (2.5cm width by the length of the garment) 1cm from the border of the garment.

Fold in the edge by 1cm towards the wrong side of the garment and press gently.

Fold it again by 2.5cm towards the wrong side of the garment and press. Secure with pins and/or baste to secure for the next steps.

Now, we need to sew to the center notch of the placket using 1cm seam allowance. Make a cut as is shown in the picture below and then fold the placket towards its right side and press. Topstitch the inner the inner edge (3mm from the edge).

Do the axect same thing with the other placket..

Ans that´s all!. If you have any doubt or question do not hesitate and leave us a comment. And get ready for next post in which we will be attaching the yoke .


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