NEW COLLECTION: Salt and Pepper Pattern

In our first post we want to tell you all about this new period because, after releasing patterns for babies and kids, we launch a new woman pattern collection this time, that will grows with more patterns in the next few months. The very first pattern is the “Salt&Pepper” pattern, which contains three different variations in just one pattern pack. You can sew the perfect spring/summer wardrobe just mixing the different variations.


Shirt, shirt dress, or shirt dress with skirt by the waist: you chose! This pattern has everything you need to sew your perfect basic closet with comfy garments that combine between them.

Version 1 is a feminine and comfy shirt, perfect for day and night. You can combine it with jeans and flat shoes to go to a meeting, or a nice skirt and heles for a dinner with friends.


Version 2 is a lovely shirt dress with pockets in the side seams, perfect to go to the office or to go out with some Friends during the afternoon. Also, you can use a belt by the waist to transform your outfit. We are in love with the side pockets from this versión, because it is a fact, #everythingisbetterwithpockets


Version 3 is an amazing dress with a cut by the waist, front pockets and a floaty skirt. This versión is more sweet and lady, perfect to spend an afternoon with Friends, or have a picnic in the park. Its floaty skirt is really comfy, but Smart, and its front pockets make this versión special and different.


The back of the pattern also offers you three different versions of yoke to make your garment special and unique. Thanks to that, you can have 9 different pattern versions. Also, you can chose to add or not the sleeves, that you can wear in two different positions, or just finish the armhole without sleeve, as you prefer.


Sleeves: position 1


Sleeves: position 2


Sleeveless version


Sewing Guide

The pattern includes very detail intructions which will guide you throw the sewing process for each versión. You can start by the simple versión and then add complexity with a different versión, or different details. Sewing our patterns is a real sewing class: start by the simplest version, add details to upgrade your sewing level, learn new techniques and, step by step, improve your sewing skills. The instructions will guide you throw the sewing process collars, bias binding, pockets… are some of the sewing techniques included in our instructions.



Fabrics recommended

You can chose many types of fabrics to sew this pattern. From cotton and linen, to sheer fabrics, as double gauze, viscose or crep. Let your imagination run free and play around with different fabrics. Depending on the fabric you use, the final result will be quite different, thats why this pattern is so versatile. Also you can mix fabrics, colors and textures to make your Salt&Pepper unique.



This pattern format is PDF, so you will be able to print your pattern in A4 format and put all the pieces together. Also, if you already know which versión are you sewing, you can just print that versión in A4 format, so you aviod to stick a lot of papers together. You can also print it using A0 format, so you will have the whole pattern in a piece of paper. Moreover, as we are using PDF, you can use the layer option, which means that you can chose your size and just print your size, so you won´t have thousands of lines in you pattern while you are cutting it in your size.


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Three different patterns, 3 different yoke options, everything together in one pack! You don´t have any excuses to have the perfect basic wardrobe for this summer! More information HERE

If you buy our Salt and Pepper pattern, we would love to see your versions online, so please share them with us using the hashtags #saltandpepperpattern, #saltandpeppershirt y #saltandpeppershirtdress and don´t forget to use also our Instagram account @larasanner Can´t wait t osee them all!! Now it is time tos ay goodbye, but we will be back very son to give you more detail of each version of the pattern, more pics and surprises! Stay tuned!

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