Inspiration: Our testers and customers versions

Hi! We couldn´t think about a different way to start this sew along but with a little bit of inspiration abut our Salt&Pepper pattern from our testers and also from some of you who have already sew your own versions.

You can read de first post of the sewalong here.

Let´s start with some shirt and shirt dress versions, which is the one chosen for this sew along:


The shirt version from Marta, or Cosmia as some of you would know her, was love at first sight fo us. The fabric she chose was perfect and we think it fits her like a globe.


Marian also wanted to have her own Salt and Pepper shirt version and she chose this lovely cotton fabric with little dragonflies on it. We just love it!

La pequeña aprendiz

Sonia, form La pequeña aprendiz, sewed her shirt version using a viscose fabric which is perfect for the structure of the shirt and the fit is absolutely perfect!


Clemence chose exactly the same version we Will sew in this Sew Along. We also love the fabric because that kind of embroidered cotton gives the final garment a different touch.

Little Miss Lorraine

JessicaLorraine, from the blog and Youtube chennel Little Miss Lorrain,made the most fitted Salt and Pepper shirt version making some adjustments at the waist.


Sara, from Paraxuta chose also the same version we are sewing in this Sew Along. The fitting is perfect and the fabric can not be prettier, stunning! Check her blog and you would see more pics of her amazing version!

She also sewed the shirt dress version using a viscose:

Lazos y Apertas

Ana, our favourite Galician girl, better known on Instagram as Lazosyapertas , amazed us with every single version she has sewed from our Salt and Pepper pattern.

Now, we would like to show you some version 3, the one with a cut by the hips, frontal pockets and floaty skirt. If you want to sew this version, you can also follow this Sew Along steps and use the instructions from the pattern at the same time (super detailed, you Will not have any problems at all) for the specific version 3 steps.


Gabby fwas one of our foreing testers and she made this super cute version from her friend Meg.


Ana, also known as Pinafili, also chose version 3 and we love how it fits her. Also she made a review in her Youtube channel that you can watch here. Thank you Ana!

Lazos y Apertas

Ana, from Lazosyapertas, also made version 3 using a printed cotton perfect for the structure of the dress.


Another version we have loved is Sue´s version 3. She chose a 100% cotton fabric and the final garment is stuning.

You can see more pics from her version on her blog, here.

And this isa ll for today´s post. We really hope you enjoyed it and we hope it inspires you too. As you can see, the Salt and Pepper patern is really versatile and it offers many versions and options, so if you don´t have yours yet, get your copy here.

We´ll be back tomorrow to talk about fabrics and supplies, don´t miss it out!

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