Let us introduce you The Truffle Coat



Today we are really excited and happy because… we have a new pattern release!! Yes! A new woman pattern that maybe looks quite familiar for you because is the adult version of our baby coat/raincoat pattern (6-36 months old y 3-12 years old), the Truffle Coat!




Our Truffle Coat/Raincoat has raglan sleeves, plain collar or hood and two types of pockets. You can create your own version using the different options it offers you.

Version 1, with hood, has zipper, with or without placket and two pockets options. Create your raincoat using waterproof fabrics, gabardine or even wool.

For this version, if you choose not to use the front placket, so the zipper is visible, and the one piece pockets option, you will be able to sew our most simple coat version and the final result will be amazing:



The version that includes the front placket and the two pieces pockets, will give you the classic raincoat version. It is not so difficult and it will let you improve your sewing skills adding a little bit of complexity to your sewing.



Version 2, has a classic collar, exposed zipper, which gives the coat a more modern look, and patch pockets.




And of course, combine your maxi Truffle Coat with the mini versions and you will have matching outfits the whole year!





The instructions will guide you through the sewing process of our Truffle coat/raincoat. Following graphic and written step by step that it includes, you will learn to attach and sew collars, hoods, raglan sleeves, detachable zippers and lining.

The pattern includes very detailed instructions which will guide you throw the sewing process for each version. You can start by the simple version and then add complexity with a different version, or different details. Sewing our patterns is a real sewing class: start by the simplest version, add details to upgrade your sewing level, learn new techniques and, step by step, improve your sewing skills. The instructions will guide you throw the sewing process collars, hoods, plackets, pockets, lining… are some of the sewing techniques included in our instructions.





The Truffle coat/raincoat is perfect to play and have fun using different fabrics. Choose waterproof fabrics, or laminated ones, to create a pretty raincoat using also cotton, silk or fleece for lining. Or take a step forward and make a more classic coat version using wool, for cold weather, or gabardine for spring time.

Let your imagination run free and play around with different fabrics. Depending on the fabric you use, the final result will be quite different, thats why this pattern is so versatile.

Also you can mix fabrics, colors and textures to make your Truffle coat/raincoat unique.



This pattern format is PDF, so you will be able to print your pattern in A4 format and put all the pieces together. You can also print it using A0 format, so you will have the whole pattern in a piece of paper.



And last, but not least some of the versions that we have sewn. We are in love with all of them. From a yellow gabardine to a waterproof fabric with an amazing geometric print to be ready for rainy days. Which one is your favourite?


Pictures: Moisés Menéndez     @moisesmnndz


If you sew our Truffle Coat pattern, we would love to see your versions online, so please share them with us using the hashtag #trufflecoat and don´t forget to use also our Instagram account @larasanner Can´t wait t see them all!!

Check out all the truffle collection HERE!

Now it is time to say goodbye, but we will be back very son to give you more detail of each version, more pics and surprises! Stay tuned!

See you soon!



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