Salt & Pepper Sewalong: Welcome!

Welcome to the very first Salt&Pepper Sew Along!

We are really pleased you join us in this Sew Along in which we will be sewing version 1, the shirt, yoke type C, from our lovely and versatile new pattern Salt & Pepper. Also, if you prefer the long shirt-dress version, the steps are exactly the same ones, so you only need to chose the patterm length.


If you don´t have your own copy of the pattern yet, you can download it HERE.



We will publish a series of posts on the dates showed below. The first one will be about inspiration and the materials you will need. In this first post you will find every single detail about dates and what will be covered in every post. Direct links to the post will be also available here once they will be published.

This Sew Along will be simple and easy, with detailed steps so you don´t miss a thing. It doesn´t matter if you are an amateur seamstress, or an expert, we will guide you through every step and we will give you tips and tricks so you can sew the perfect Salt & Pepper shirt.

Of course, do not hesitate to ask any question and share your progress, pics and techniques with us, we will love to see them all!



  1. Salt and Pepper Sew Along: Welcome! (Sept 12, 2017).
  2. Inspiration: our testers and customers versions. (Sept 13, 2017).
  3. Fabrics and Supplies. (Sept 14, 2017)
  4. Cutting pieces and Staystitching. (Sept 16, 2017)
  5. Darts and plackets. (Sept 18, 2017).
  6. Assemble yoke. (Sept 21, 2017).
  7. Attaching the collar. (Sept 23, 2017)
  8. Attaching the sleeves. (Sept 24, 2017).
  9. Buttonholes, buttons and hem (Sept 26, 2017)



And so you don´t miss any single detail, let´s share our progress, pictures, questions and anything you want to share with us during this Sew Along in social media. You can follow us on our Instagram account, @larasanner,  and tag us using the hashtag #CCSaltandPepperShirt. You can also follow us on Facebook and tag us in all of your pics.



So, this is all for today´s post, we would like to encourage all of you to join us in this Sew Along and see you on tomorrow´s post in which we will be sharing with you some inspiration from our lovely testers so you can see how many options the Salt and Pepper pattern offers you.


See you tomorrow!


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