Sew Along: Special jersey fabrics. Intro and Social Media


We are back another week to bring you a new Sew Along but this time is a very special one, cause we are going to focus it on jersey fabrics. We are also really pleased that we will be using the amazing jersey fabrics from Slow Taller, which are amazing and we are just in love with them. We chose two different fabrics, which match perfectly together, a lovely quilted jersey in mint, and an amazing printed jersey fabric.



And, wich patterns are we sewing? Well, not 1, not 2, not 3… but 4 patterns! Yes! We are sewing baby garments: a shirt, leggings, short pants and a sweatshirt with these lovely jersey fabrics. And, which patterns are we using?The AniseShirt y AnisePants patterns (yes, we are finally putting names to our baby patterns, do you like this one?).

The Anise pattern pack includes a shirt, leggings and short pants which are perfect to be sewn using jersey fabrics with different thinks in order to be able to wear them the whole year.

The shirt has raglan sleeve (long or short) and a placket closure at the neckline.



The pants also have two versions, a short one, more relaxed and low waist and a long version, as leggings.



After sewing this garments you will be able to sew raglan sleeves, collars and cuffs using jersey fabric, pockets, waistbands, use elastic bands to gather, sew plackets, use buttonholes to place elastic bands and use specific jersey needles (twin needles) to finish your jersey garments.

Are you joining us on this Sew Along? Yes? Then, keep reading cause we explain you now everything you need to join us.



As we did for the Salt and Pepper Sew Along, we will publish a series of blog post on the dates detailed below.

In the first post, we talk about supplies and fabrics. If you like the fabric combo we chose, and thanks to Slow Taller you will have amazing jersey fabric packs available at their website, with a lovely discount!. Among these packs, you will also find the fabrics that we have used for this Sew Along.

These packs include the amount of fabric you need to sew the 4 garments, the patterns and also… a gift! Yes! There is a pack which includes the shirt pattern, sizes from 3 to 12 years old, on pdf, that will be available in a few weeks on our website. From this pattern, we will sew the sweatshirt, combining fabrics and with very simple instructions to follow the pattern hack step by step.



You can find the packs HERE. And these are the combos you can choose. You only need to follow Irene´s instructions on her website to get your pack.



If you just want the patterns, you can get them here, in paper format. And also, if you just want the pants or the shirt pattern, you can buy them separately. Here you have the pants pattern and here the shirt pattern.



The second post will be a very special one, dedicated to giving you tricks and tips to transform yourself into a jersey fabric seamstress expert. Kinds of jersey fabrics, special needles to sew them, the sewing machine and the stitches… And you will be able to apply these tips and tricks to any jersey fabric that you sew with your regular sewing machine.



Finally, the step by step tutorial by itself will begin, to sew, from beginning to end, the leggings, the shirt and the sweatshirt (this last one will be a very easy pattern hack from the shirt).




  1. Sew Along: Special Jersey fabrics. Intro and Social Media. (Thursday, 19th of October)
  2. Sew Along: Fabrics and supplies(Friday, 3rd of November)
  3. Sew Along: How to Sew jersey fabrics. (Saturday, 4th of November)
  4. Sew Along: Shirt. Cut and staystitch. (Monday, 6th of November)
  5. Sew Along: Shirt. Sleeves and placket. (Tuesday, 7th of November)
  6. Sew Along: Shirt. Bodice, cuffs, and hemline. (Wednesday, 8th of November)
  7. Sew Along: Pants. Cut, staystitch, and pockets. (Thursday, 9th of November)
  8. Sew Along: Pants. Bodice and cuffs. (Saturday, 11th of November)
  9. Sew Along: Pants. Waistband and buttonholes. (sunday, 12th of November)
  10. Sew Along: Sweatshirt. Pattern hack. (Wednesday, 15th of November)
  11. Sew Along: Sweatshirt. Sewing. (Saturday, 18th of November)
  12. Sew Along: Final pics. (Tuesday 29th  of November)



And so you don´t miss any single detail, let´s share our progress, pictures, questions and anything you want to share with us during this Sew Along in social media. You can follow us on our Instagram account, @larasanner,  and tag us using the hashtags  #aniseshirt #anisepant #anisesewalong. You can also follow us on Facebook and tag us in all of your pics.

And that’s all for today’s post. We would like to encourage all of you to join us in this Sew Along because is going to be really amazing. We start on Wednesday, 25th of October with supplies and fabrics. Remember that you can start choosing your packs at Slow Taller website.



See you soon!



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