Sew Along: Truffle Coat


We are back again in the blog to introduce you to a new Sew Along in which we are sewing a coat. And which coat? The Truffle Coat, for different versions (collar or hood, plackets or simple) and different sizes (woman, 6-36 months old or 3-12 years old) you choose!

And again, we are collaborating with Slow Taller to offer you  very special Packs that include the fabric (outer fabric and lining), supplies (interfacing and zipper) and the pattern in you chosen size. Everything included in the pack and at a very special prize because we have also applied a special discount for all of you who join us in this Sew Along. The packs we have created are limited, so go to Slow Taller website and pick up yours before they are gone! In the website you have all the info, what it is included and conditions.



And which is the pattern we are sewing? Well, as we told you before, is our lovely Truffle Coat pattern! We want to help you through the process so you are not afraid of sewing coats, and also that you understand the different techniques you can use, depending on the fabrics you choose. You can see all the characteristics of our coat HERE and HERE.



After sewing the Truffle coat you will know how to attach collars and hoods, raglan sleeves, sew detachable zippers and line bodices with sleeves.

You could sew the BIG version:



Or the mini one version (from 6 months to 12 years old):



Are you in? Yes? Then, keep reading!!



As we did before in our Jersey Garments Sew-Along we will be publishing a series of posts (but more special ones that you will only discover if you take part of this sew along…) on the dates written down below.

In the first post, we start talking about materials, fabrics, and supplies. If you like the fabric combos that we have used, thanks to Slow Taller, you will have the same packs, with a discount, on her website.  If you just want to learn with us how to sew it and you just want the patterns, you can get it  HERE (the Truffle Coat will be available on its paper version in a few days too).



The packs include the amount of fabric you need to sew the coat, the patterns and the supplies, such as the zipper and the interfacing. Also, if you join us in this Sew Along, you will receive additional extensions to add external plackets to your coat for both versions, the BIG and the MINI version.

The different combinations you can choose are the next ones:

  • Wool (mustard, blue or grey) + Cotton lining



  • Cotton enduit (printed) + Wool lining (mustard, blue or grey)





The pattern is though so, independently of your sewing skills, you can sew your own Truffle Coat. If you are a beginner, pay attention to the version that you choose. We recommend you to choose a simple version first and once you have sewn one, you can sew more adding details or using other fabrics.

If you are a BEGINNER you can take part of the Sew Along, we will guide you through every single step, but we really recommend you to start by a MINI version, because it is more easy to handle. But, if you really want to make the BIG version, we recommend you to choose the cotton enduit fabric + the wool lining. Why? Because our main goal is that, apart from having a coat that is sewn by you, you learn how to sew it perfectly without adding more complications using a more difficult fabric or version. So, you will be able to learn new techniques and you will be more confident. The wool can be more complicated to handle if you haven´t used it before.



  1. Sew Along: Intro and Social Media (Monday, 8th of January)
  2. Sew Along: Fabrics and Supplies.  (Monday 29th of January)
  3. Sew Along: Cutting pieces and Staystitching. (Saturday,  3rd of February)
  4. Sew Along: Pieces preparation and pockets (Tuesday, 6th of February)
  5. Sew Along: Zipper and plackets. (Thursday, 8th of February)
  6. Sew Along: Hood attaching the sleeves. (Saturday, 10th of February)
  7. Sew Along: Bodice and lining. (Tuesday, 13th of February)
  8. Sew Along: Lining I. (Thursday, 15th of February)
  9. Sew Along: Lining II. (Saturday, 17th of February)
  10. Sew Along: Final tips. (Tuesday, 20th of February)



And so you don´t miss any single detail, let´s share our progress, pictures, questions and anything you want to share with us during this Sew Along in social media. You can follow us on our  Instagram account and tag us using the hashtags  #trufflecoat #CCtrufflecoat and the  @larasanner account. You can also follow us on Facebook and tag us in all of your pics.

If you have questions, apart from our email, we have created a GROUP ON FACEBOOK, so, do not hesitate and join us! Cause there we will be sharing doubts, questions, pics and much more!!

See you really soon!


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