The Truffle Coat Pattern Tour: Sonia, La pequeña aprendiz


Today is the day! Our Truffle Coat Pattern Tour is finally here! And, what is it about? well, is a Pattern Tour that we have organized with a group of amazing seamstresses that have sewn their own Truffle Coat versions.  



Each of them has sewn our Truffle Coat pattern with a different point of view, different fabrics and they have all created gorgeous versions that we will be sharing with you in the next few weeks, so you can get more inspiration to create your own Truffle Coat.



Today is Sonia´s day (from  La pequeña aprendiz). Sonia sent us her impressions from the pattern, so here is her testimony and her lovely Truffle Coat version.

“Since the pattern fell into my hands I felt like sewing it inmediatley. I hesitated a lot about making it completely lined or not!”



“I hesitated between using a cloth, a gabardine cloth, a waterproof fabric or, … I don´t know …, because I see so many possibilities to this pattern! I also wanted to sew something different, something fun!”
 “At the fabric store, after walking through the aisles several times, I found out a very special fabric. An imitation of leather on one side and, on the other side fur. I found it very suitable for a different version of the Truffle! Thanks to the fabric I didn´t line it and neither had to polish the pieces.”
 “The Trufflel Coat pattern has a very nice cut. It is modern, timeless and very comfortable. Sewing it was easy because it was about following the sewing steps that are very well explained in the instructions”
“I have lengthened it by 15 cms because I wanted it longer. Great sizing and perfect sleeve length!!”
What do you think? We are in love with the amazing version that Sonia has made, it can not like us more! The fabric is a success and is a very good option if you do not want to line your coat or if, for example, you are a beginner and want to make your own “easy” version of the Truffle Coat. The option of a seen zipper and without the outer placket makes it much more youthful and carefree. We love it!
We really want to thank Sonia for being part of this Pattern Tour, for her support and, of course, for her amazing version. We really encourage you to visit her blog, , La pequeña aprendiz, and enjoy with her sewing. You can also follow her Instagram.
And that´s all for today´s post. We really hope you enjoy it and we will be back soon with another version from another seamstress from our  Truffle Coat Pattern Tour.
See you next Monday!

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01/02/2018 en 06:41

Thank you for sharing this unlined version. It is lovely.

Lara Sannerrespuesta
11/02/2018 en 20:56
– En respuesta a: marie

Thanks Marie! I think It´s lovely too!

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